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Our Story

Would you like a quote from true Irrigation, Drainage, and Landscape professionals?  We can help.

Alex Daugherty has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Irrigation, Drainage and Landscaping technologies.  He is a 2002 college graduate from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering.  His major is in Agriculture and his minor is in Sustainable Resource Management.  Alex worked his way through college working for the Ohio State Athletic Grounds Department.  

After college, he worked as an Irrigation Tech and Manager before moving to Palm Harbor, Florida.  In Florida, Alex was a Sales & Account Manager for three years before accepting the position of General Manager of a medium sized multi-million dollar Irrigation and Landscaping Company.  


In 2012, Alex and family decided it was time to start a new and exciting Irrigation, Drainage and Landscaping Company in Columbus, Ohio.  In early 2013, Aqua Environmental Services LLC was formed. Our team has been keeping clients happy from concept to completion with our personal and professional approach on all projects.